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PREMIUM FERRO ALLOYS LTD is the leading manufacturer of TMT Reinforcement Steel Bars in God's Own Country: the Indian state of Kerala.Our brand 'PREMIUM' has had a quality presence of over a decade in India. Our product is though not limited to this country alone and is in demand in various corners of the world. Our location of being close to one of the biggest ports in the country - Cochin ,does give us an unfair advantage over our competition. The manufacturing facility which is in the industrial zone gives us an edge when it comes to timely delivery and connectivity with the rest of the world.

We are completely self reliant and the raw material for the TMT Reinforcement Steel Bars comes from our own Melting plant. Our concern for providing a dependable product is evident from the fact that the whole process of production from raw material to the finished TMT Reinforcement Steel Bar is in house and stringent quality standards are maintained at all times.

With India poised to take new leaps in growth in all areas including Infrastructure, Housing, Commerce and Industry; we are certain that as in our past, we will continue being in the forefront with a very dependable and reliable product.

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